Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wind, wind, wind....

Life in general has been busy and hectic. Alec has a lot going on at work, some not so good.
The wind just doesn't want to stop. At least its getting warmer though, but there is so much dirt flying around, you can't open the windows!

I've been so busy I haven't had time to scrap and organize my room like I want to, but I am going to shoot for that in the next few days.
2SS had a weekend crop, I played BINGO and some of the guessing games, but didn't get to scrap the contests or challenges. I did work on my recipe swap and get it done. Thanks to Mary for coming over and getting me motivated.
2SS is having a National Scrapbooking Day crop on May 3rd - I am hoping it works out for me to participate in it.


L said...

woo hoo!! an update. keep your chin up, sweetie. sending you hugs. :)

Sue said...

Hey we live in KANSAS ,it blows all the time....We might as well get used to it...I said I would help with the Holler if you want to get together and scrap...:)

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