Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another busy day ahead

I have to go to the post ofc and clean, then I am filling in at Dino's so will work 10-4 there. Then Alec and I have to buzz to Hays. Hopefully that won't take too long. I have laundry I need to get done and some house cleaning, but having trouble fitting it all in this week. Alec's bday was yesterday, we had a friend of his over that was in town for the night. Nothing too excited, but it was a relaxing evening for him. I have been tossing around thoughts about jobs, do I really want to work in an office again. I worked in one for so many years (over 25), and I am kind of burned out on that. I don't mind cleaning, I even have a cabin I clean when they need me to. Trying to figure out if I can get enough with that and helping at Dino's. Of course, I would prefer to be able to be home, but I still haven't won the lottery!
Well, off to another busy day. I hope everyone enjoys their day!

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